Reflections on the Mysteries of Life

If you’ve come upon this site you were meant to be here. The insights that follow can now be released to your outer waking consciousness to assist you in your unfoldment . The fundamental basic questions we need to consider are:
Who and What am I?
Why am I here?
Where are we headed?
What happens when I die?
Is there a long range plan?

I found myself drawn to these age old questions and as such studied everything I could related to these issues. Ultimately what I discovered was
“Knock and the door will be opened”
“Ask and you shall be given”
“Seek and you shall find”

These axioms proved to be oh so true and insights and truths were made clear in a variety of ways , all of which resonated within me as they were internalized.

Your soul, (the true essence of you) has been around for much longer than the present physical manifestation of you, and as such will recognize and resonate with the truths imparted herein.

Try to wrap your mind around the following concept. Try to think back, way back to a time before time . A time before anything physical ever existed. That being the case – the only reality then, was that there was nothing except “universal substance” imbued with ”supreme intelligence”. Everything was Supreme Intelligence. Some refer to this Supreme Intelligence as God, others refer to it as Allah while yet others refer to it as Krishna. You may use whatever term is comfortable for you. Indeed this supreme intelligence in universal substance is the only thing that existed. It can be no other way!

From this ;everything else was created, but it remains that the universal substance/intelligence is the “All in all”.There is no other logical explanation.

So where is God ? The truth of the matter is that God lives in you as you. He also lives in me as me and He lives in the beggar as the beggar, the rich man as the rich man and even the suicide bomber as the suicide bomber. It begs the question then: If such is the case then why is there so much hate and misery and ill-will in this world of ours? The answer lies in the fact that despite the fact that God lives in us as us, we are told that we are made in His image and have been given “dominion over” and as such have been given the gift of “Free Will”. It is this gift of free will (freedom to choose, without any interference from the God that lives within us), that gets us into difficulty .It seems that more often than not, in having free will and the power to choose, we make the wrong choices, which in turn manifest as disastrous results in our lives. This is especially true when it comes to our thought processes. The truth is that we have the power to choose our thoughts and we don’t do very well with that.

Every religion addresses the concept of prayer as a means of communicating with The Creator .The truth is that prayer just doesn’t happen at the time and place of our choosing We don’t just turn it on and off. Prayer is a 24/7 phenomena. We are communicating with our Creator on an ongoing basis through our thought processes and intentions. The thoughts that we choose and focus on have a profound impact on what we experience in terms of results. We can sit in a place of worship and pray for health, happiness and prosperity, but our thought processes throughout the remainder of the week see us in sub-par health, and by no means prosperous; these dominant thoughts are bound to hold sway in what we experience.

At this point it is appropriate to comment on the two most powerful words in the universe, which in turn will provide us with an all-important key. We have been taught that God’s name is “Jahweh” or “I am” or the “I am , that I am”

This being the case; and in view of the fact that God lives in us as us – then the two most powerful words in the universe are “I Am” and we need to be exceedingly careful about how we use them. When we examine our own speech patterns and beliefs are we affirming:
I am happy?
I am healthy?
I am peaceful and serene?
I am wise?
I am aware?
I am prosperous?

Or are our thought processes and speech patterns more likely to reflect:
I am sick
I am depressed
I am not desireable or attractive
I am not intuitive or particularly bright
I can’t afford it.

Whatever those speech patterns and belief systems reflect, it subconsciously becomes your intent and after a certain gestation period , your beliefs are bound to manifest themselves in the physical plane of understanding
“ Ask and you shall receive” and it shall be granted unto you be it good or bad. There is no differentiation between good and bad – what we ask for and focus upon by virtue of our thoughts we are bound to receive. For every action , there is an equal and opposite reaction. What we sow by virtue of our thoughts, we are bound to reap
The choice is entirely up to us via the power of what we think upon and believe.
So why are we here? And what is expected of us in the time that we are given? The answer lies in our own basic parental instincts. Whether we admit it or not, we want our children to grow to be like us. We may want them to experience better results and have more than we have, but essentially we want to them to be like us. It is no different with our Creator. We were created in his image and although we may not realize it,we have the same powers as far as our limited world is concerned. Our goal then and our mission is to be like Him. So the answer as to why we are here is that we are here to learn the lessons and natural laws that we are expected to learn in order to grow to be like our Creator.
Our situation may be compared to a loving father/mother who brings their child to school . The school may be referred to as earth’s laboratory. The child goes about learning his lessons through experimentation and practical experience. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes, he fails. Sometimes he does well by others and sometimes he dos not. Sometimes he experiences positive relationships and sometimes he fails miserably. Sometimes he brings hurt, pain and sorrow into the lives of others and sometimes he imparts love and caring. His results are never totally successful nor are they a total failure. Such is the human condition.
At the conclusion of the school term the Father returns to bring the child home for summer vacation, a time when he can rest and play and be with his fellow classmates. Also at that time he reviews his school year with his appointed tutors to assess the results of his school term, where he succeeded and where he failed.
Following this respite from earth’s laboratory he returns for a subsequent term to continue his education, and in many cases he will have many of the same classmates. It is important to note that the curriculum for this subsequent term is determined and based upon the results of the previous term. If he happened to be a bully then perhaps in this term he is the one being bullied. If he happened to make fun of someone with a disability then perhaps in this term he is the one with the disability. If he happened even to be a murderer then perhaps in this term he is the victim of a murderous act. If he loved greatly then in this term that love and caring is returned to him. And so it goes – Lessons are being learned in this laboratory known as earth’s school room.

We have no way of knowing how many terms we must complete prior to graduation but at some point our Father will come and finally say to us “Well done. You have met all the requirements and mastered all the lessons required of you” and the upshot of that is that we are no longer required to partake in these cycles. Our learning does continue in other ways. There are always some lifestreams above us in the hierarchy of learning and there are always lifestreams below us. When we have advanced to that special point in our development our Father once again comes to us and says “ I have this school I need you to look after. You will be responsible for each child in the school to teach them the lessons you have learned such that they may become like you” And so it goes.
We are that pupil
We are here to learn
We will learn over a great many lifetimes
There is a veil of forgetfulness which separates each of these episodes. ( Note that sometimes the veil can be transcended through hypnosis and age regression techniques).
It is also interesting to note the phenomena of child prodigies who have brought various skills with them from one episode to the next.
There is nothing to fear with respect to the change we refer to as “Death”. If we examine the cycles of nature, they are evident all around us: summer gives way to fall, leading to winter then spring bringing with it new life and rebirth.
Some religions refer to the notion of “Purgatory” a place for those of us who were not quite good enough to be admitted to “Heaven”when we died. The truth of the matter is that “Purgatory” is where we happen to be at this point in our development.

Keep in mind that :


You are the greatest miracle in the world!

Do you doubt?

Let us take inventory:

You have the gift of sight. You have a hundred million receptors in
your eyes that enable you to enjoy the magic of a leaf, a
snowflake, a star, a rose, a sunset, or a rainbow. Count this

You can hear! The twenty four thousand fibers in each of your ears
vibrate to the wind in the trees, children at play, beautiful
music, and the words “I Love You” Count another blessing.

You can speak as no other creature can. You can uplift the
despondent, calm the angry, warm the lonely, encourage the
defeated, teach the ignorant and say ” I Love You” Count another

You are mobile. You can move, you can stretch, and run and dance
and work; for within your body exist five hundred muscles, two
hundred bones and seven miles of nerve fiber, all synchronized to
do your bidding. Another blessing.

You have the knowledge of love’s secret embedded in your heart;
that to receive love, it must be given freely with no thought of
its return. Love will always flow back to you and soften and purify
your heart. Count this blessing twice.

Your heart beats. Thirty-six million beats each year, year after
year, pumping your blood through more than sixty thousand miles of
veins and arteries; pumping more than six hundred thousand gallons
a year. Man has never created such a machine. Count another

Your skin; the envelope you live in, is a marvel of creation. In
time all metals will tarnish and rust; but not your skin. It
constantly renews itself, old cells replaced by new ones. Another

Within your five quarts of blood are twenty-two trillion blood
cells, and within each cell are millions of molecules each
containing an atom oscillating at more than ten million times each
second, and each second two million of your blood cells die to be
replaced by two million more, and this has been going on since
birth. Count another blessing.

Your brain is the most complex structure in the universe. Within
its three pounds are thirteen billion nerve cells to help you file
away every perception every sound, every taste, every smell, every
action you have experienced since you were born. Every incident of
your life is there awaiting your recall.

Within you is more than sufficient atomic energy to provide enough
electricity to power any city for more than a year. A great
blessing indeed.

You are rich beyond words.

Celebrate your uniqueness and rarity. Consider a painting by
Rembrandt, a sculpture by Degas, a violin by Stradivarius. They are
valuable for two reasons: they were created by masters and they are rare.

Celebrate your uniqueness and realize that you have been given
immense power.

You have the power to think.

You have the power to love.

You have the power to laugh.

You have the power to imagine.

You have the power to create.

You have the greatest power of all; the power to choose; and with
this you have control over your destiny. You are a being of free
will and so you can choose to love rather than hate.

Choose to laugh rather than cry.

Choose to create rather than destroy.

Choose to persevere rather than quit.

Choose to heal rather than hurt.

Choose to act rather than procrastinate.

Choose to live rather than die.

You are more than a human being. You are a human becoming. You are
capable of great wonders. Your potential is unlimited, and the
truth is that you can realize that potential by gaining a better
understanding of the laws of nature which govern each of us. Many
years ago Sir Isaac Newton told us about the “Third Law of Motion”
which says that ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite
reaction”. At the time however, Newton did not realize that we had
been told about this law two thousand years ago when we were told that:

” As a man sows, so must he also reap”. In plain terms then what
this scientific law means is that whatever we put out is the only
thing that can come back and visit upon us in the results that we


This law is not very well understood by most people because if it
were, the world would be a far better place.






You were meant to have this information because in some way you sought it out, and it is my hope that the truths presented herein resonate with your soul as they have resonated with mine.
At the conclusion of this semester when I as Spirit choose to relinquish this physical house in which I reside I acknowledge and understand that further growth and development is constant, ongoing and eternal.

Love Always